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Tomorrow Antiques Road Show visits Tulsa and we have a pair of Willy Wonka Golden tickets.  We’ve been trying to decide what to take since the tickets arrived in the mail.  Each person (ticket) get to bring 2 items for appraisal.  What would you take?

My mom and dad both collected items of interest.  There is one story of my mom cleaning things out of the attic and leaving them on the second story hall and telling my dad to bring them on down to ‘go out’.  He went up and looked at her selection, took the items back to the attic and brought down his selection of what should ‘go out’.  My mom went up and looked at what he had selected and hauled it back to the attic.  Between the two of them they couldn’t get rid of anything and they BOTH collected, different things, but interesting things.

My mom always said the only way the house would be cleared out was a fire or an estate sale.  The fire was a close call a couple of times with a chimney that needed relining, but it was an estate sale in the end.  My husband and I went to be an extra pair of hands and eyes, so it happened I was behind two ladies in the kitchen discussing all that they had seen (and I don’t think they had made it to the yard and the two different garages yet).  “This can’t all be from one estate,” stated one.   “Oh, yes it is,” I chimed in.  “They both collected things.”  And grew up during the Depression I could have added.

So we got tickets to the RoadShow.  WooHoo!  But what to take?

Item One – Above is a rocking chair that my parents gave me.  I’m pretty sure it is Arts and Crafts/Mission style.  So what’s so special?  Family Heirloom?  No, don’t know where my mother found it.  What you can’t tell from the pictures is it pretty short (low).  You can see that there are no arms, which is unique, but makes sense if you know that there is a pull-out, pivot drawer under the seat that has pegs for spools of thread and such.   It’s a sewing chair.  Can’t be too many of those out there, can there?

Item Two – a book on the Doolittle Tokyo raid.  Nothing much in itself, except I’m related to Jimmy Doolittle (of the Tokyo raid) and my aunt had the book sent to one of the Tokyo Raiders get-togethers where each of the raiders present including Jimmy signed it.  He added, “From one Doolittle to another.”

Item Three – Miscellaneous jewelry from my family.  Not sure what I’m looking for with this, just information.

Item Four – Don’s grandfather and then father ran a dairy in Muskogee, Oklahoma until the 1960’s.  We have a collection of glass milk bottles (in three sizes) with the dairy logo, and also window placards from different stages of the dairy and picture of his grandfather with the dairy truck.  They wouldn’t be worth much in another part of the country, but they are important locally in this part of Oklahoma and part of his family history.

So tomorrow should be an informative day.

If you had the chance, what would you take to Antiques RoadShow?


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