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Well the Oklahoma weather is fooling a round.  If this was Illinois, I would say it is about right for Easter.  I remember at least one high school Easter where I had made a new dress to wear.  Light cotton and short.  Boy, it was cold as blazes out and of course I didn’t wear a coat as I wanted that pretty white dress with the sprigged violets to be seen.  The dumb things we do as kids.  lol

Tonight we look to have a freeze.  I’ve brought in my newest plants, but didn’t cover the azaleas as my neighbors have done to theirs.  I hope the lilac blossoms don’t get blasted.  I probably should have picked them all.   We’ll see what the morning brings.  Reminder of the stage the lilac is at in the picture below.

Hopefully I’ll still see this tomorrow.  I did gave one branch of lilac to a neighbor as an Easter gift.  They gave us stuffed cabbage rolls.  Those were good and now gone!

So what do we have to show for the day?  Well not much.  Husband needed to go to the ER to see about a cyst that had become really big and painful.  It’s been taken care of.   You know love is not all the fancy dinners and expensive gifts.  It is sitting in the ER with your spouse.  As a poster in a gym once read, “Getting old ain’t for sissies.”

Oklahoma teachers march for better conditions tomorrow.  They’ve been offered part of what they deserve in a pay raise, but nothing to help with the schools in terms of pay for the other school personnel, class sizes and such.  More power to them.  And to all the parents that are uncertain how to deal with have kids home…I kind of see your point, but you make it sound like you are declaring your teachers are your ‘babysitters’.  Many organizations are taking care of breakfasts and lunches for those that count on school for those services and others are providing places for students to stay if they have working parents.  I hope the communities realize by taking over these jobs that schools have come to be much more than institutions of learning.

To quote the Wicked Witch of the West, “What a world, what a world.”


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