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I have been invited as the guest author on Rita Lee Chapman’s blog.  If you were looking to know a little more about me, you may read the interview here;

.Rita Lee Chapman

I’m never quite sure what kind of answer a person wants?   What kind of answer do I want to give?  And given the interview is over the electronic waves, it can be a little awkward to read too little or too much into the questions.

I always read the ‘blurbs’ about the author on the back covers or fly pages of books.  You would think after the many years of reading I would have developed an idea of what kind of biography I would want to give.  On the whole I think I’m kind of an ordinary person, married (twice), one child (son-married), retired teacher…yada, yada, yada.  Probably the unique feature to my life has been the fact I spent about thirty-three years living overseas on various US military bases teaching the dependent children of the military members living abroad.  It has been an interesting life.

Growing up in northern Illinois, I really wanted to go somewhere else and live somewhere else.  Don’t get me wrong, Woodstock, Illinois was a great place to grow-up, but I was ready for something more.  One of the more disappointing moments in high school (I did not have many of them) was not getting selected to do a student exchange year abroad.  I can’t blame them for not selecting me.  I had good/great grades and was involved in my school, but…BUT…I had not studied any foreign language, so I agree it would have been kind of dumb to send me to another country.

But I still got that chance as a military spouse and I think I took that chance for everything I could get out of it.  I believe what I did there could be applied to living anywhere and that is ‘get out’!  Now take that with what inflection you wish, but I mean, get out of the house, your community, your comfort zone.  Try something new, different, uncomfortable.  It doesn’t have to be overseas.

Example; once when taking painting lessons I was struggling to do what the instructor asked me to do with the paints.  I had painted for years at that point, in several media.  It wasn’t the language, it was the fact that what I was doing was so new and different from what I had done before that I was frustrated and wanted to cry.  It was a moment of realization that I was really learning.  If it is easy, if you aren’t grappling with a new idea or concept, are you really getting it?  Feeling it viscerally?

So, I guess I’m grappling with this idea currently.  I now have a published voice.  What will it say about me?  I am I ready for what it says about me?

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